Archive | September 2009

Another update!

Hey, I’m busy today building the other site, We’ve posted  more video’s showing different techniques. I’m 90% finished with the first complete set of tutorials for making a handbag.  It should take you from pattern, to showing off your new handbag to family and friends. So drop by see what we’re up too!

There are limitations to the size of a video so I’m confine by size to 3-4 minute videos.The completion of a particular style of handbag will be over a course of several videos. So bear with me! I’m going to try and post complete video’s  in three stages so people who are interested in making handbags can follow along. In the best world people would ask questions.That way I would know what information to provide. I’m hoping there are like minded people who love accessory design and like the satisfaction of producing a final product.

Anyway we shall see!